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Submitted by A.N. Singh on
I am trying institional model which can work successfully Indian context. India is a very big and populous country. The basic problem is management of growing population with adequate behavioural change. Introducing sanitation through school is very important to design a good future. Toilets issues may not be linked to human rights like right to education, health etc. In has to linked with habit formation and behavioural change. Primary ducation system has to be ovr hauled. Citing example of mobile phones uses probably should not be linked to toilet uses. International/national agencies dealing with subject must think and care while citing such critic example. The scenerio will certainly going to change with time. Sanitation is a very bib issue immersed to day needs multy corner approach. One is it must be seen as a greatest sin our religious leaders must tag such messages while leading any religious celebration. As wee are trying in pur case, and getting success. people are comimg forward.