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Dear Sir, India stands No.1 in open defecation in the world according to a reputable magazine. It is most prevalent in villages. In fact our honorable minister remarked that there are more cell phones than latrines. Really a wrong priority. In towns it could be discouraged by construction of Sulabh complexes (Community latrines). The excreta could be used for generation of manure and biogas. Now Bio toilets are coming and they could be encouraged. The excreta is heated, converted to manure and the water gets evaporated. They are operated by electricity or solar energy. In villages, since open space is available, temporary portable latrines could be built with wooden poles and mats. Holes are dug and the excreta is covered with soil. Soon after filling of holes the whole structure could be shifted to a new location. It is also common many schools lack toilet facility for girls resulting dropouts. Now portable toilets are available. The biggest danger of open defecation is, flies & mosquitoes transport the bacteria to uncovered foods and water bodies. In villages it common that excreta of children is thrown on to roads. It would be wiser to bury them in pits. Another bad practice is immersing the tumbler in to the big container with bare fingers while handling drinking water in the houses. In hotels the supplier brings water with fingers immersed in the glass tumblers. The dirt and bacteria in the nails pass in to water. School children could be educated about these bad practices. P Nukaiah Chetty District Chairman : Water Management (Lions District 316-A) Royal Castle, #9-20-14, Lakshminarayana Nagar, Anakapalle -531001 (A.P) Ph : 98492 18422, email :