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Submitted by Jacques Marchand on

Dear All,

MERCI BEAUCOUP you for your different comment.

Unless I am wrong ??? I recall that in the Millennium Development Goals the word WATER does not appear but indeed yes the words " BETTER HEALTH " !

During the last 40 years slowly people realized that " WATER " is just one of the tools to reach a " BETTER HEALTH "

Also during my career I had the chance to have in my Teams for " WATER PROJECTS " medical Doctors.They opened my eyes.. on WATER PROJECTS !

When you have children dying in your arms due to water related problems ( Bilharziasis,.... ! ) you have a completely different approach to WATER PROJECTS and not anymore just an ENGINEERING or ECONOMIST APPROACH ... ! "

Although I am an hydrogeologist by background I believe that the PHAST approaches can do a lot to reach BETTER HEALTH and sense of ownership !

Best luck to all of you

Jacques Marchand