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Submitted by Faiyaz Muhammed Pasha on

FSM is outdated. There are new technologies which the WB should recognize & support. We worked on this problem and had presented to the Government of Delhi, India, during 2007, when the Supreme Court of India had ticked off the Delhi Jal Board (the Government Agency, which takes care of the Water and sanitation aspects of the city) a Plan to distill nearly 600 MGD of sewage waters and release distilled waters into the River Yamuna which flows through the City. The Engineers of the Agency agreed with the plan but no action was taken. We had presented this method/plan to the World Bank during 2011 under the scheme "Carbon Partnership Facility' as one of the processes of controlling pollution to which the Bank had agreed, but nothing came out of that, because the Government of India, did not respond to the communications sent.

However, we have now improved upon the methods and designed the Toilet Machine which closes the entire defecation at the toilet level both private and public. What you get is dried powder in a disposal bag which is sent to compost manufacturing unit and distilled water which goes into the Water harvesting bore. With the supporting technologies which we have with us, it is now possible to build or convert entire cities, towns and villages sewage free. The process is extended to other Domestic waste waters as well. This should be able to bring sanitation a perfect 10 score. The World Bank should opt for this method in all of its future projects.