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Submitted by Prof. Partha Sarathi Datta on

I appreciate the emphasis on behavioral change.
Perception Management and behavioral and mental attitude change is the greatest challenge!!!
The best way to deal with growing humanitarian needs is to address their root causes. Because, development is the best resilience-builder of all, the the scarce resources of official infrastructural development assistance should be used where it matters most—in situations of fragility. This requires a strong determination at the highest level of political leadership to prevent and resolve conflicts and to increase investment in risk reduction leading to disastrous situation by change in attitude and behavior of all the stakeholders.

Behavioral techniques (in this context) refer to any kind of approach that involves changing service users’ behavior to produce a certain outcome. Although there is overlap, behavioral techniques differ subtly from communication projects in the sense that rather than overtly informing customers behavioral techniques usually tap in to the power of social normative behavior.

It is desirable to focus on science for policy on three main areas:
• Providing and facilitating the participation of scientists in policy processes,scientific advice, coordinating.
• Providing advice on how policy processes should be created or modified to best utilize available scientific knowledge.
• Creating programs that will improve collaboration between scientists, policy-makers and all other stakeholders in the generation of scientific knowledge.