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Submitted by Ed Bourque on

Thanks for your reply. I'd love to see some decentralization success/not so success stories, if you could send them my way.

The enabling environment indices that I am thinking about are indeed rather complex. I am still working on what would be useful contextual information that would be able to be done for any country and would reflect situations at national, regional, and local scales. It's been a back burner thought process of mine for a year or so, now.
[Actually, the idea goes way back to my PhD in water governance, but that has collected dust by now!]

Essentially, I find the historical failure in water and sanitation sectors maddening. In my humble opinion, there isn't enough attention paid to finance and governance, and more frustratingly, learning from past projects/programs isn't what it should be.

My other back burner project will be called "WASH TL:DR" ("Too Long, Didn't Read") because I am convinced that very few people read long, wonky WASH reports.

I love long, wonky WASH reports. My favorite assignments are broad sector analysis pieces.

I'll share what I have on either of these topics on my website ( at some point this autumn.