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Submitted by Sanjaya K. Mishra on

Appreciations for this blog on Water Testing and laboratory. It was remaining mostly as an unaddressed subject. You have rightly mentioned that traditional lab infrastructure will certainly continue to play a central role in water quality monitoring. Water testing and analysis for end users is not a very costly affair. There are many laboratories with adequate willingness and approach towards useful reporting without falling prey to all those points you have mentioned. Water testing results can easily be balanced and cross-checked with the help of ionic balance equations. I would like add that a buyer of water testing laboratory service must look in to some important aspects, such as: -1) to allow sufficient time for testing and analysis, 2) to provide appropriate sampling location and related information and 3) prudently allocate fund as sampling, testing and analysis fee / charges. In case any of these fail the testing results would never serve purpose.

For any clarification please feel free to communicate.

Sanjaya Kumar Mishra
[email protected]