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Submitted by Prof. Partha Sarathi Datta on

Better Governance of Groundwater can only ensure Sustained Water Supply.

All countries are confronted with water scarcity of varying types. The daunting biggest challenge for the authorities is in protecting groundwater from depletion and pollution, and making sound managing decisions on complex issues/activities that may affect water supply at local and basin scale. For short-term situation management when water supplies are affected, the managers usually adopt approaches, which involve eliminating immediate, unacceptable impacts on human and the environment, groundwater-use restrictions, regulation, balancing time and resources. However, these may require more research, time, regulations, funding, technology, etc., and be expensive/complex. This book identifies the issues that affect water supply; and makes scientific endeavors to improve all stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of real groundwater problems, and suggests governance approaches by relevant policies, with strong peoples’ participation efforts by behavioral change. The analysis may be especially useful to professionals in water governance and communications for long-term solutions to ensure sustained water supply, reducing costs and implementing water resources protection strategies, for public benefit.

The Book has been authored by Partha Sarathi Datta

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2017-05-26), pag. 100, ISBN-13: 978-3-330- 32219-6.
Website: 32219-6/better-groundwater-governance-only-can-ensure-sustained-water-supply