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Submitted by Ed Bourque on

Good blog post.

The water conflict angle that you allude to is a bit overhyped, however. If anything, there are incentives for cooperation, rather than "water wars"

Having said this, I do appreciate the broad overview.

--SDGs (rather than, say, Falkenmark indicators) should be forefront in any discussion of water security, because, honestly, access to drinking water is a household issue and drinking water is different from bulk water...

--While anyone can point to regional water scarcity, how water is managed is a bigger concern than any outright scarcity, in my estimation.
What i don't see enough of are discussions of how IWRM-level decision making actually relieves WASH/urban water utility problems (securing water for utilities, trading/transferring bulk water resources to higher value uses, etc)

--Lastly, I would love to see more about the directions in the way of technical, financing and governance challenges.

I don't see enough work in the are of water governance and the myriad mechanisms by which governments, private sector, and civil society can be made more accountable to citizens/consumers.

As far as I am concerned there should be 'Enabling Environment Indices" (and workplans to improve these metrics) for every country, based on these three broad areas.

This gives you a sense on my perspectives on this.

Ed Bourque
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Consultant