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For Water and non-Water Wonks: A World Water Day 2013 (not comprehensive) Reading List

Given that World Water Day, March 22, is not even underway in a large part of the world, at the time of this writing, the amount of World Water Day coverage is no small thing. Here is how World Water Day (eve) has unfolded across the World Bank’s social media and websites.

From our colleagues in the Middle East and North Africa, they ask their Facebook fans: Which Arab capital is in danger of running out of water in the next decade? They also share how data is falling from the sky, kind of. Also worth out checking out is a feature story on Responding to Crisis while Building for the Future: Water Management in Gaza, plus video. And in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a feature story highlights some of the ongoing work in the region. In India, we also have a video on the role of sanitation.

A blog post by Jamal Saghir, Director for Sustainable Development for the Africa Region, calls for galvanizing "action in the water sector by strengthening international collaboration,” the theme of World Water Day 2013. Along those same lines, we have lessons from the Nile Basin and Niger Basin on cooperation.

Given the focus on cooperation, a feature story makes the clear link between cooperation and climate change. While water scarcity is often viewed as a source of potential conflict, increasing pressure from a changing climate can also be harnessed to continue a well-established tradition of peaceful cooperation on water issues.

Some cartoons to make the climate change point:

We also asked, Why is Water critical to ending poverty? Here’s what we heard:

Please tell us your answers below in the comments.

Stay tuned for more World Water Day content tomorrow. 


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Very well.

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Nice post. Fresh water sources are to be preserved. Not only that, all kinds of pollution should be banned.

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