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Poverty and Rural Water

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Did you know that the depth of poverty is much worse for rural dwellers? In fact, 75% of poor people live in rural areas, and extreme poverty is more than twice as high in rural areas compared to urban areas in developing countries. The rural-urban income divide is not only large but increasing in most transforming economies.

Outside China, about 80% of the reduction in national poverty rates in the developing world has been due to reducing rural poverty. (With China, the figure is 56%.) The conclusion is pretty obvious: rural development is critical to achieving  a world without poverty.

Can there be rural development without safe, sufficient, and sustainable rural water supplies for all rural people? The Sharing Global Knowledge on Sustainable Rural Water Supply has an emphatic answer: safe and sustainable rural water supplies are integral to rural development. They save lives, free rural people’s time income-generating activities, and provide water for productive uses such as gardens, livestock, and small enterprises. 

To learn more, register for the global webinar series on rural water supply, or visit the webinar series web page.


Submitted by Sean Furey on
While it is the mega-cities and slums that get a lot of headlines (and are important) it is so important not to forget the rural poor. There is a lot of exciting work being done around rural water service delivery, lifecycle costing, technology uptake, equity and inclusion, water resources management, and perhaps above all - the universal human right to water and sanitation.

I encourage everyone working in this important sector to collaborate - we are collectively making a difference, but there is a very long way to travel.

Submitted by Heidrun on
Congratulations to the webinar series. It is a great gathering of WASH practitioners and experts and a unique opportunity to have real time discussions about the great challenges in WASH with participants from all over the world.

Submitted by Yogesh on
I wanted to say many thanks to the webinar organisers. This unique series about the WASH sector provided me new insights and the material will support my sector work. I would be happy to see a second series in the future. There is still so much knowledge to share and apply in the sector.

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