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1 December is World AIDS Day, a day of action

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To effectively halt and reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic, young people must be fully involved and take a leading role in the response. According to the Opportunities in Crisis report launched by UNICEF and UNAIDS, if no action is taken, 3000 young people will continue to become infected with HIV every day, and many of the 5 million young people living with HIV will not gain access to treatment.  

Acknowledging the critical role young people need to play at all levels of the HIV response, UNAIDS is developing a New Generation Leadership (NGL) Strategy, which will conclude by mid-January 2012. Young people have a unique opportunity to shape the strategy by:

  1. Integrating the principles of meaningful youth participation and youth leadership into the UNAIDS Secretariat’s work and methods.
  2. Taking a lead in advocating for youth leaders to be included in decision making processes- and bodies and policy and programme design and implementation at national, regional and country level.
  3. Stimulating increased HIV awareness and increased mobilization of youth leadership by using new innovative methods of reaching out to and engaging with young people.

For these reasons, UNAIDS recently launched, an online collaborative, transparent and inclusive initiative, to increase the number of contributions from young people to the agency’s youth and HIV strategy. The online, wiki-like platform at, was set up by young people working at UNAIDS and across different networks.  

To take part in the discussions and contribute to the development of the strategy:

  1. Sign up on and become part of a global team of young people collaborating on the new strategy.
  2. Share this information with your friends and get them onboard and involved.
  3. Contribute to the strategy by taking part in the regional discussions moderated by young people in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.
  4. Organize an offline discussion with your peers.
  5. Write and edit the strategy live online with UNAIDS and young people around the world.

Find out more at and follow #CrowdOutAIDS on Twitter.