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6 billion others

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What have you learned from your parents? 

What makes you happy?

What difficult circumstances have you been through? 

What does love mean to you?

5,000 people from around the world answer these and other questions on the website 6 Billion Others. The site was the idea of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer and journalist who, along with his team, interviewed people in 75 different countries on a quest “to find out what separates and what unites us.” 

It’s fun to click through the different interviews. Everyone has their unique perspective, but at the same time it strikes one how much of the human experience is universal: the sorrow of losing a loved one, the struggle to earn a living, the joy of being with family, the beauty of enjoying nature…

How would you answer the questions? And how do your answers compare to those at the other end of the world? 


Submitted by Byrne on
What were the final results of the research? Here are my answers to the questions>>>> What have you learned from your parents? Almost everything. All the basics of the foundation of life. How to walk, talk, eat, dress bath and most of all how to relate with other people etc. What makes you happy? Setting the right goals and achieving those goals brings alot of happiness. What difficult circumstances have you been through? Alot. Betrayal, failure and many more. What does love mean to you? A grossly misused word who's real meaning is practiced by few. It entails selflessness in many situations.