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March 2009

The World Water Forum came to an end, but many of the water and sanitation challenges still need solutions

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Joao has been blogging from the World Water Youth Forum in Istanbul, Turkey.

The last 3 days of the World Water Forum in Istanbul were extremely busy, and prevented me from sending any updates. Now that the marathon is over I will try to summarise those long, intense days that concluded one of the world’s largest events on tackling water and sanitation issues.

Youth in Action in Rural Guatemala

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Almost a year ago I was on my way to one of the most wonderful adventures I have ever experienced. It happened with a youth initiative called COJDECA (an acronym that translates to the Youth Council for the Development of Cerro Alto), located in rural Guatemala. It was an opportunity to truly understand what youth empowerment is all about and its high potential to improve living conditions in, I would say, any country of the world. It was also an occasion to see how cooperation among people from different countries is a key factor for development.

Thursday, 19th March

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Joao is at the World Water Youth Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, from where he's keep us posted on what’s happening and how young people are participating at the forum.

Thursday, 19th March, Istanbul: Another busy day at the World Water Forum, especially for all the young people attending.

As the end of the Forum approaches, things are getting busier in the corridors and conference rooms. We are halfway through now, and it’s time to get our act together at the World Water Youth Forum.

Here and There

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I’ve heard about Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues (TVM) since I was in high school, but it’s only around 7 years later that I decided be part of the cast. I am about to graduate from university and deeply regret that I’ve only taken an active part in this when about to finally leave the halls of my school.

Slumdog Millionaires!

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Indiscriminate littering of plastic bags clogs up Kolkata’s street drains which results in water-logging in several areas of the city. During monsoons, the city almost comes to a standstill! Some city environmentalists are petitioning the municipal authorities to ban the widespread use of plastic bags in the city, also because the toxic material remains in the soil for years. However, plastic bags have become an indispensable part of our daily life. They have several advantages, including being cost effective, and hence a “ban” on plastic bags is not working.

The End of AIDS?

Once somebody asked me why we can’t eradicate malaria by treating every person in malaria-endemic countries with an effective ant-malarial drug at the same time. As long as they all stay on the drug for as long as it takes for the current generation of infected mosquitoes to die (1-2 weeks on average, maybe a month maximum), then the human reservoir will be eliminated, no new mosquitoes will become infected, and that would be the end of malaria.

Of Women and Wealth

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Three hundred and thirty three years of Hispanic rule have drastically transformed the Philippines from a society that used to offer equal opportunities for women to a strongly patriarchal one.  Before the Spaniards conquered the Philippines, women were pretty much allowed to do what traditional patriarchal societies have boxed up as “man’s work.”  In short, women could become heads of their families or villages, they could earn properties like land and cattle, and if they were born into a ruling a family, they didn’t need to get married to succeed their parents’ throne.

A Scattered Youth, a Scattered Response

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There was a time when young people were the driving force of the economy, a time when middle-aged men with graying hair felt as though the world they knew had changed beyond comprehension.

And today - Where are young people? What is youth? Who are the youth?

Ask most policy makers and they may give an age bracket and a couple of sweeping statements on vulnerability… They follow this statement with one of two descriptions– either "poor youth – jobless, insufficiently skilled," or "druggies, always up for a drink, riots and violence." The victim-perpetrator trap…

World Youth in Action

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Hello to all readers and followers of the Youthink! blog. My journey as a social entrepreneur started in 2003 while I was pursuing my studies in Business Administration (yes, I am a Business Administrator AND my passion is social impact… that can really happen). As a result of a class assignment, a couple of classmates and I decided to teach people from an underprivileged community how to use a computer and, to do that, we used the computer lab of a public school located in their neighborhood.

Making a Difference in Style

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fabricTalking about fashion sounds kind of frivolous when the world faces so many serious problems of poverty and hunger. So, when I heard about an event called Fashion for Development, my initial reaction was that it sounded like an oxymoron. Still, I decided to check it out, and realized the word “fashion” was a bit misleading. The issue really concerns clothes in general, no matter how trendy or untrendy.