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August 2009

Climate Smart Entrepreneurs’ Alliance'

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Last year, Maria and I went to the IWF World Leadership Conference. It was a very interesting event where we had a number of stimulating discussions. One of them was about the need to have a Youth Foundation which would impart entrepreneurship training and be instrumental in creating social entrepreneurs. I was already working in this field and decided to form the Climate Smart Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (CSEA) as a stepping stone to the Youth Foundation.

Gender: Still An Issue

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The other day I was studying with a couple of friends and, while we were on a break, one of them offered me a beer that had entered the Colombian market a couple of years ago. This beer’s marketing strategy is based on the idea of it being “the beer for women.” I said that I wasn’t going to try it, because I think that products that are promoted using ideas of a “macho” culture are not compatible with my way of thinking. And hence we started a very interesting debate that motivated me to write this post.

Blueprint for Green Schools

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If you were intrigued by Saptarshi's blog post about the "green" ideas of Sophie Bathurst, you'll be happy to know she has been blogging in more detail about them on the World Bank's Climate Change blog. Sophie is the winner of this year's World Bank Essay Competition, and she has some innovative ideas about tackling climate change through youth-led solutions. Check it out!

Beyond “teaching a man how to fish…”

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My first brush with business was at the age 11, when I started selling stickers/posters in school. It was a great experience, although short-lived, and I regard it a milestone as I realized what I wanted to be when I “grow up!”

At the age of 15, I started working on environmental projects in Kolkata. This was another great experience, the summary of which can be found here, where we had to come up with revenue-generating projects to support our numerous activities.

Friends for global change

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Aren’t you amazed at how many networking opportunities the Internet offers? Today I started to think about it when I received a Facebook invitation from a friend from Romania that I haven’t seen in over 6 years! How else would I have heard from him again if not through the Internet? This made me realize that nowadays people all around the world, and most of all young people, have very international networks of friends thanks to the Internet and to how easy it is now to communicate and travel. In my case, I know people in almost every continent!

Time to Move

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During the first few years of the Women’s Liberation Movement decades back, it wasn’t uncommon for men to be portrayed as the victimizers and the oppressors of women. In many patriarchal communities, men have often been singled out as the perpetrators of domestic violence and as the roadblocks to the path of women empowerment.

Learning about different partners in the fight against poverty

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I'm still here at the Youth Assembly, and learning of different organizations and amazing projects all the time. One such organization is Roots and Shoots -- a project founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, that aims to empower youth to make a difference in their own communities. The two presenters from Roots and Shoots asked the audience to think about these questions:

At the UN Youth Assembly

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The UN Youth Assembly 2009 started today, and I've been really impressed by the levels of excitement and enthusiasm among the participants. In just one afternoon, I met with people from Indonesia, China, the USA, Pakistan, Spain and Nigeria, and everyone I spoke with had a really clear vision about what they were hoping to learn or achieve from the event and why they had come.

Of Ecuador and Egypt....

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When you don’t have to go into an office for your job the lines between work and life become very blurry. Even my vacations now always include informal craftsmen/craftsmanship research. Every trip I have taken this year, whether in Egypt or outside I have found local artisans, heard stories about their lives, their crafts and researched their traditions.