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November 2009

We need a money tree!

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Isn’t it a common perception among people that poverty is caused by a lack of resources? Think about it. We see a beggar in the street, and what do we think? We think that he or she doesn’t have enough money to dress well, to eat… to live. We talk about development in poor countries and, what do we think? Well, that some countries don’t have enough resources to achieve the levels of development that they should have. In fact, a lot of initiatives that aim to promote development are related to increasing funding.

Eau de toilet, ode de toilet, oh the toilet!

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In my oddly varied career, I once worked for one of those overpriced retailers—you know, the ones that are euphemistically called “posh.” My job was to write product descriptions for their website, so imagine my horror when one day I was given the task of describing (fasten your seatbelts) gold plated toilet brushes. These little freaks were priced about £500 (about $800) and the scariest thing of all was, people actually bought them. To this day, I’ve never understood why anyone’s, uh, excrement smears, would need such fancy treatment. Talk about a royal flush, ha ha!

A Less Known Effect of Climate Change: A Silver Lining...

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When it comes to climate change, the predictions are pretty scary: floods, drought, massive migration, increased hunger, erratic rainfall patterns...that's why I was heartened to hear Commonwealth Director of Economic Affairs, Dr. Cyrus Rustomjee speak at the Young Commonwealth Climate Change Summit. Dr. Rustomjee said that while climate change is a "terrible global threat," it also poses opportunities.

Biking for Your Light

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I recently attended the Young Commonwealth Climate Change Summit - for those of you not familiar with the Commonwealth, it's an association of 53 countries, most of which were formerly part of the British Empire. The summit brought together youth from a wide range of member countries, as well as many organizations and leaders working on tackling climate change.