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December 2009

Behind the Scenes at COP15

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For those of you trying to figure out what on Earth is going on in Copenhagen, here's a blog by a team of young people from Italy, Argentina and France, that gives a great inside look. Produced by the Noize from the Future news agency, the blog gives an informative and entertaining look at the people and events at this important climate change conference. 

To subsidize or not to subsidize… that’s the question

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I’m thrilled to know that every day more and more young people are writing about their thoughts on human and social development. I’m even more thrilled to know young people are writing about these subjects as part of their professional work! A friend of mine called Juan writes about politics and development both for fun, and as part of his research in economics.

Making Things Right

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ChildrenHow many of you have seen children working or perhaps begging in the streets? Or looking malnourished or unhappy? Growing up in Pakistan, I often witnessed this. It's always sad to see children who are not in school as they should be, or playing with other children and enjoying the outdoors. Childhood should be a carefree period in everyone's life; free of burden and hardship.