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January 2010

More Africans in Latin America than Natives

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The recent tragedy in Haiti has brought photos of its people to the international stage. If you didn’t know where Haiti was on a map, you might at first glance assume that it was somewhere in Africa, but it’s not. Most people don’t realize that there are African descendents all over Central and South America and not just in the Caribbean. The remnants of the slave trade go beyond ethnic heritage, however, and are still evident in the almost culturally engrained racism that permeates the region.

Idealism vs. Reality - A New Generation's Concerns

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The NMC 1st World Youth Meeting for Sustainable Development held in Bari, Italy is soon coming to an end. While it is great to meet young and motivated people, at the same time, I now realize the persistent hypocrisy of these types of conferences. The NMC’s goal (I think - it was vaguely explained), through this first event, was to inform policy and dialogue on sustainable development through a series of action plans written by young participants after an 8-hour workshop.

Parlez-vous fran

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Different language newspapersGood news for those of you more comfortable in French or Spanish (or those who are simply polyglots and like to mix and match their reading...). The Youthink! newsletter is now also available in these languages. This monthly email keeps you updated on what's new on the site, so be sure and sign up to receive the mailing in whichever language you prefer!

Go Latin participation!

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As you all know, a new round of bloggers will soon begin to write, so I guess this is one of my last posts! I’ve enjoyed each one of the almost 20 posts I’ve written since March 2009, but I’ve enjoyed even more reading and hearing your comments and thoughts.  This is what it’s all about: Hearing what our generation has to say about the main issues that are related to our world’s development.

So You Wanna Be a Youthink! Blogger?

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Are you a young person and a global citizen? Join our bloggers on Youthink!

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10 Ways to Make a Difference in 2010

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Boys playing footballAs the new year kicks off, it's a good time to think about goals for the year. Of course, we all have our own personal aspirations (e.g. exercise more, learn a new language, etc. etc.), but hey, you wouldn't be visiting Youthink! in the first place, if your goals were purely personal...

So, for those of you dreaming of a better world (and Nobel Peace Prizes), here are a few ideas for making a change this year, one small step at a time: