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Hey Youthink! Readers: What Do YOU Think About the Financial Crisis?

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I recently Facebooked (is it a verb yet?) my friends in Pakistan to ask what effects of the financial crisis they’re seeing around them: are people complaining more? Are there more beggars on the streets? Are taxi drivers sprouting even more gloom-and-doom philosophy than usual? Is there a general sense of malaise and fear? 

Give Creativity the Respect it Deserves

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Growing up, many of us receive a horde of unwanted advice in the name of our supposed wellbeing:

“Study accounting or management so you can get a paying job!” “Learn cooking rather than singing!” “You'll do it this way because that’s how it's always done!” “Let others change the world; you just focus on your career!”

The Importance of Not Being (too) Earnest

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The other day, someone told me Youthink! needs to be more optimistic. Well hey, it’s hard to be cheerful and witty about topics like poverty and disease…

To be fair, though, there’s often good news from the world of development. So, maybe she did have a point. I decided to try to highlight more of the positive from now on.