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Blueprint for Green Schools

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If you were intrigued by Saptarshi's blog post about the "green" ideas of Sophie Bathurst, you'll be happy to know she has been blogging in more detail about them on the World Bank's Climate Change blog. Sophie is the winner of this year's World Bank Essay Competition, and she has some innovative ideas about tackling climate change through youth-led solutions. Check it out!


Great idea! Sophie, what are the particular challenges in your country toward implementing this? Would love to see schools everywhere picking up on it...

Submitted by Farha Naaz on
Today G20-G8 the topic global warming on health. It helps our environment in which we service. Due to global warming everyone suffering several kinds of diseases which are either water bond disease along with these its also makes horrible condition. In which we can't service and we can't save our beautiful earth. It our responsibility to save our Earth To leave Beautiful Life

Submitted by Sophie on
Thank you for your encouragement, Saadia. Having recently developed and trialed an education program concerned with domestic abuse, I am aware of some of the challenges of operating within a school context. Teachers are sometimes hesitant to integrate 'outside' projects into an already crowded curriculum. It is therefore essential to demonstrate to the teachers how these projects can enhance already established elements of the teaching plan e.g. the veggie patch can be integrated into science and agriculture classes. I think with some of my proposed initiatives, appropriate risk management analysis must be carried out. Perhaps the walking bus drivers will have to be insured. Considering the strict child protection laws in Australia and other countries, the Taskforce will also have to undergo appropriate training and clearance procedures before working with the children.

Submitted by JPBrice on
Dear Sophie I agree with your proposal and I believe that it can make the difference in your country in the figth against climate change. Congrats.

Submitted by JPBrice on
Dear Finalists Please we have to react in this Blog which are for us. So please encourage our fellows and also us. Thanks

Submitted by Gurvinder Singh on
As urbanization is a process through which a cities or states wants to be world Power. The urbanization provides us agreed opportunity in the field of jobs . as they are huge no. of companies investing at that particular area. thus every one have a opportunity to gain growth. As process of urbanization take place in 5 to 10 years .its completely depends upon that government which having rules at that areas.thus they have already particular planing to develop their areas as urban areas