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City livin'

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Maybe it's the bright lights and majestic skyscrapers. Or maybe it's theaters and shopping and cafes. Usually, though, it's just the pragmatic search for employment. Whatever the reason, big cities have lured people throughout the ages, and in many cases it really is a siren call...urban life can be tough going.

Youth in Development: Experts Brainstorm About How to Improve Particpation

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 At a recent discussion organized by the World Bank Institute, 7 panelists shared ideas about why it's so important for youth to be involved in development, and how everyone--young people, organizations, and governments--can work together to make this happen even more than it is already happening. 

Idealism vs. Reality - A New Generation's Concerns

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The NMC 1st World Youth Meeting for Sustainable Development held in Bari, Italy is soon coming to an end. While it is great to meet young and motivated people, at the same time, I now realize the persistent hypocrisy of these types of conferences. The NMC’s goal (I think - it was vaguely explained), through this first event, was to inform policy and dialogue on sustainable development through a series of action plans written by young participants after an 8-hour workshop.