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Eau et pauvreté : quel est le lien ?

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De tous les éléments naturels, l'eau est celui qui nous est le plus vital. Sans eau, le corps humain ne peut ni se développer, ni survivre. Mais on ne fait pas que la boire. L'eau est devenue indispensable pour presque tout ce que nous faisons au quotidien. Non seulement pour la cuisine, le nettoyage et l'hygiène, mais aussi pour l'agriculture, pour la production d'énergie hydorélectrique et pour le maintien des écosystèmes indispensables à l'environnement. Sans compter que l'eau est aussi indispensable aux êtres humains qu'elle l'est à toutes les espèces végétales et animales.

Coping with high food prices in Pakistan

In the last three or four years, there has been a sharp rise in food prices in Gujrat, Pakistan, where I live--especially for commonly needed products such as wheat, sugar, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

My neighbors and friends say their incomes can’t keep up with food and oil prices, so they are reducing their daily food intake.  Before this food price spike, they ate three times a day, now it’s twice.

Taking the Dropout Problem Seriously in Rural Nepal

Last December, I wanted to find out why so many children near my university in rural Nepal dropped out of school . I went to more than 30 homes. Parents gave several reasons, but the main one was that they believed work was more beneficial than education. You can read some of their comments in my blog post.

My Best Friend Fela - Proves That Having a Disability Is Not an Excuse to Give Up

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For people in Madagascar who live with a disability, life is not easy.  

Disabled people are often pointed at, isolated, separated from their families, or neglected. This is because disability is often considered a curse in a society where superstition is commonplace -- even if we prefer not to admit it ….

My life changed, when I met Fela. Her life story opened my eyes. My main three takeaways from my friendship with Fela are: