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NOTE: Thank you for your interest in youth and development issues. We want to inform you that this blog has been archived and we are thrilled to announce that you can now find all the stories, blogs, multimedia and reports dedicated to youth on the new Youth page: We are looking forward to your visit! – The World Bank Web Team.
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Dear Youthink! audience: Stay tuned because Youthink! is getting a complete revamp, which we’ll unveil in a few weeks’ time.  We hope the new site will allow you to comment on and share content easily with your friends, that it will be smoother to navigate, and will make learning about development a lot more fun, with video, photos, quizzes and polls. Good news for teachers too: the new site includes detailed learning modules incorporating different aspects of development into curriculum subjects.

Our vision is for Youthink! to be an interactive space where young people can learn, discuss and share ideas with each other, and find ways to get involved. With the new functionality, we’re trying to make this easier for you. The rest is up to you! 

It’s time for Web You Point 0!!