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Submitted by E.S. Jagadeeshwar on
Dear Youth, The above information will be very useful to mould your life at an early age. Those who quit the schools or colleges need not suffer any more. A lot of information is available. The only thing is you need better clarity about your life, you should have a desire to keep on your toes, you should work for free of cost to learn the life skills, you have to satisfy the owners under whom you are working. with regards,

Submitted by Ogbudu Elizabeth on
i am a Nigerian and i really appreciate what you guys are doing here.i love volunteering and learning for/from the society but unlike other countries,i haven't heard of or seen any of such here.... thanks

Submitted by matte ullah khan on
i am a poor boay and belong to a poor family i need a job

Submitted by Ekellem Desmond on
I find this information very interesting. At least one knowledge of organisations and their categories expand. I invite young people to make good use of this information and be part of development

Your blog is really very informative but you have forget to mentioned some websites in volunteering section such as and