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What would YOU like to see at the 2009 Global Youth Conference?

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The annual Global Youth Conference is organized by the World Bank's Y2Y group. For this year's conference (scheduled for October 22, 2009 in Washington, DC) the organizers want to hear from you! What would you like to see at the conference this year? Is there an issue you are passionate about and do you want to hear from a particular speaker?

In previous years, the conference has attracted audiences of more than 300 individuals from around the world. For more information on the Youth to Youth Community or our previous conferences please visit the Y2Y website.

Speaker/Panelist Recommendations

Do you know someone who could be a contributor to our event? Someone with academic or professional experience in the field of youth development especially as it pertains to Education, Employment (including Entrepreneurship) and Civic engagement? OR a young individual who inspires you? We are looking to build a colorful panel of experts and experienced individuals who can educate, engage and inspire the conference participants.

Please contact Mehreen Sheikh or Nikita Malik with 1) any feedback if you attended last year's conference and 2) thoughts on what you would like to see this year.


Submitted by Dr. P. Lakshmi Srinivas Prasad on
Youth in South Asia is a major age cohort that has decisive edge in shaping the future of nations. South Asia needs skilled youth for contributing to their economies. Improving the skills of the youth for taking up wage employment and self employment is the need of the hour. I am interested to know and hear from the participants about various policies and programmes envisaged for skill development initiatives of the youth by the member nations.

Submitted by Uzma Arshad on
As the world is faceing Financial crisis, which makes the lives difficult in terms of increasing rate of inflation which has ultimately decreased the purchasing power of customer. High inflation also minimize the chances of getting education/ professional studies as education become expensive & resources have been utilized on fulfillment of necessities whereby youth couldn't get enough funds for getting education. I want to say to all participants to emphaize on that major issue which not only hurts the youths of under-developed countries but the youths of developing & developed countries. Mostly policy makers now a days design policies for improving economy but nobody addressed that issue which i raised. please include this issue in the agenda/content of conference, as follows: "Non availability of funds for getting education due to all resource utilization on fulfillment of necessities, scare the youth"

Submitted by Edrian T. Echague (Philippines) on
In the conference, there must be topics in organizing powerful organizatins governed by the youth themselves! There must be Leadership Training Programs, Training programs for project proposal making! There must be also prominent companies and organizations who are willing to support youth organizations. Please Read this... This is part of my Entry to The World Youth Day Essay Competition! ...All of us youth should participate in different non-profit organizations that envision to halt existing and soon to be societal cataclysms; that aim to advocate the idealism of volunteerism among youths; and that envisage to promote sustainability. These organizations will be our stepping stone to render our free service to society and to develop our leadership skill. As neophytes, these will become our training grounds for the future battles against societal devastation and environmental chaos. These will also provide us youth with seamless virtues of humanity to becoming the best person that we can be. As heirs of adults

Submitted by Iorbee AyangeAlumun on
I prefer to speak from the angle concerns me the most and that is good governance in Africa. I would like to hear the panelists talk about good governance in Africa because bad governance is almost becoming a norm in Africa. Youths are growing in societies where corruption and other forms of bad governance are rampant and very soon they will be idealized to believe such is the perfect way of life. If these trend is allowed to continue then I am sorry that our tomorrow