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Connecting with souls for a better world

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Are you a big fan of any band? I love music and I like some bands a lot, but to actually be a “big fan” is a different thing. One of the bands I’m a huge fan of is U2, and the reason is that they actually use music as a means to achieve great impact in our world. 

I had listened to their music for many years before I became a fan. My sister used to play their famous songs all the time and of course I learned them by heart, but it wasn’t until 2004 that I really fell in love with their music and what they’re all about. A person who I really cared for gave me a memorable gift, the Elevation Tour 2001 – Live From Boston DVD, and thanks to it I got a glimpse of what they’re really good at: touching people’s souls. There are songs that are related to what almost all human beings have experienced, like recognizing the value of life, or experiencing relationships of all kinds. Also, there are U2 songs that aim to remember bad episodes of human history that shouldn’t be repeated, or motivate people to move forward and work towards a better world. As I watched the DVD I identified with, and was touched by almost all of their songs. On top of that, their show included a very strong criticism to the generalized holding of guns and “justified” violence in general, which I consider a very important issue in our world. 

We all need to be more conscious about the real situations that are being faced by humanity and also about our real capacity to improve things (which is bigger than we usually think). This is why I think that bands like U2 do a great job using music to get to the core of youth’s ability to turn things around for the good. I celebrate the existence of such artists because, in my opinion, they really get what art, and specifically music, should be about: connecting people with their souls so that we have a better world each day that passes by.


Hi Maria, U2 is my favorite too! I was lucky enough to see them live recently, and in one show they managed to talk about tackling the spread of AIDS, human rights issues, freedom of speech and the fight against poverty. It was an amazing, inspiring event.

Submitted by Jonah Obajeun on
Hello Maria, Interesting to read this piece. I never knew you are a music enthusiast. The U2 music group must be fantastic, though I don't know them and I have heard of their music. But I can point to some musicians in other parts of the world that are doing great with their music too. I think music can be an effective tool in spreading very important messages to those who need it. For instance, a France based Nigeria music maestro called ASA has influenced discourse in Nigeria with her poetic songs. With ASA's 'Fire on the Mountain', Nigerians are beginning to have a rethink about the inexhaustible vortex of human existence. I was at a music concert recently in Lagos, Nigeria where I realized that the variegated events in human communities and societies have thus far formed the very materials with which creative musicians convene the banquets at which their own imaginative outputs blend beautifully and seamlessly with the remarkable occurrences in human societies. Similarly, the virulent and ravaging act of colonialism that decapitated and decimated the motley inhabitants of Asia, the Caribbean Island, and Africa did not escape the lucid artistic lenses of the perceptive and percipient musicians that emerged thereafter. For example, 'Iya Sade' a music track by Olatunde Obajeun, a Nigerian was imaginatively sang in native language, unraveling the monstrous and ruinous human machine called apartheid; we are sufficiently treated to the most disturbing acts of human barbarity, crudity and severe inhumanity on the wonky altars of totally unjustifiable policies. In all, what we can conveniently label today as World musicals were, severally, eventuated by oodles of tragic, moving, comic, boring, challenging, perturbing, and even ennobling actions and inactions of varied human creatures at different points in time and in distinct geographic spheres. Once again, great piece Maria. Keep writing. May your pen never runs dry. Jonah Obajeun, Nigeria