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So You Wanna Be a Youthink! Blogger?

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Are you a young person and a global citizen? Join our bloggers on Youthink!

The Youthink! blog is a social platform for youth discussion on development and major global issues. If you are passionate about these topics, have opinions on how to make the world a better place, and want the world to hear you, then now’s your chance to jump in!

Put your ideas and enthusiasm into words, video and photos; share ideas with people all over the world!

How to Become a Youthink! blogger:

If you’re chomping at the bit to get started, and interested and wired on global issues, then please send the following to [email protected]:

- A sample blog post of 500 words or less on the topic: Which major development issue interests you most, and why?
- Your full name
- Your age (must be younger than 30 to be eligible)
- Your contact information

Shortlisted bloggers will be asked to submit a CV and 2 recommendation letters.

While this is an unpaid position, it is an opportunity to get your voice heard by thousands of people around the world, share ideas, and find solutions for making the world a better place. 

Dates: The role will last approximately 4 months.

Please Review These Guidelines Before Submitting:

We are looking for writing that is lively and engaging, that both informs and entertains. Good use of multimedia is a big plus. Please refer to the guidelines below for some tips, and also mention any existing Web presence/blogs you might already have.

TONE: Be personal. Write in your voice—you’re talking to other young people—and say what you believe in, and what you oppose. Write about how these issues impact you and young people in your country. 

WRITE RESPONSIBLY: Keep opinions general. Avoid criticizing specific leaders, governments or religions. Talk about issues or situations without condemning who you think is to blame. The Editor reserves the right to edit or reject content of a sensitive nature. For more details, please review the Editorial Responsibility and Ethics.

MULTIMEDIA: Think multimedia. Fill your blog with links. Use photos or Flickr and YouTube; link to other blogs, data and research that are relevant.

LENGTH OF BLOG POSTS: Shorter is better. Keep your blog fast-paced and conversational.

FREQUENCY: Once a week.

OUTCOME: The mission of Youthink is to inspire youth to get involved and take action. Be specific and recommend solutions.  Ask questions and make people think. Write in a way that will encourage responses and comments, and begin ongoing conversations.

If you are not a regular visitor to the Youthink! blog, please make sure you are familiar with our content and tone before applying.

Please also make sure you are in touch with important development issues.  

And lastly, if you’re thinking “to blog or not to blog...”

Have lots to say but not sure you want to commit to blogging? Why not join the conversation by posting your comments, ideas, questions and suggestions? 

Youthink! wants its blog to be accessible to all Internet users who are interested in and concerned about development and major global issues. So, participation is open to all at several levels: by reading, writing, commenting, questioning, or making your contribution...For those just stopping by, please refer to these guidelines.

Want some more tips and tricks about writing good comments? Here's some helpful info.  


All visitors to the Youthink! blog must respect the intellectual property rights of others. Visitors must therefore not reproduce the content on this blog without the consent of Youthink! and the author(s). 


Submitted by Philippe MENKOUE MENKOUE on
It's a great idea, but i think the conditions to be a Youthink!blogger are quite harsh.Particularly, concerning the point that mention that " Shortlisted bloggers will be asked to submit a CV and 2 recommendation letters." Why do you ask for recommendation letters while you can just evaluate the talent of any blogger via their publications (contributions on the blog)? Have a great day Philippe M

Hi Phillippe, Thanks for your comment. The point of the recommendation letters is for us to have an idea of people's interest in development issues, and also their degree of responsibility. The role requires a certain amount of commitment, so it's important for us to be able to assess this. The recommendation letters can be from either a teacher or supervisor. We hope you will apply! please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Submitted by Jonah on
Hello, What is the deadline for application? You mention the fact that blogs may be filled with multimedia. Does this condition goes with the sample blog to be submitted for the application? If yes or no, how does one include videos, research links, podcasts, photos etc? Please do give a little explanation on this. Hope you respond to all the questions as soon as possible. Thanks

Thanks for your message. There is no deadline to submit your writing sample - we want this process to be as inclusive as possible. Once we have selected a new round of bloggers, those who apply after that will be kept on file for future rounds, if they meet the requirements. You don't have to fill your sample blog with multimedia, but if you find relevant videos then do include links to those videos, as well to other articles/features etc. online that are relevant to what you're writing about; or, if you mention a particular person or organization, then be sure to link to their website. The main thing is to give your writing an added depth by referencing other relevant material, and also make it more lively/dynamic thru the use of photo/video.

Submitted by Walter Hernadez on
Dear all, It's necesary write the blog post on English or Can I write it on Spanish?, We can make a multilingual blog, because this website will be visiting for younger people for many differents countries. Best regards from Honduras, Walter Hernandez

hi, thanks for your comment. we certainly want to expand the conversation to as many young people around the world as possible, and are planning to expand the Youthink! blog to our Spanish and French language sites, so please stay tuned for that.

Submitted by Anonymous on
Im agree with Phillippe,I was plannig to write about environmental problem, but I do not understand how to find a recommendation letters from a teacher or supervisor in order to degree reponsability.I wonder if you just can evalute our performance by publications. By the way, YOU THINK is the best... Thanks

Submitted by Hafiz on
Hi to the admins/heads of Youthink! Found about this at BYC website. Just want to know, I'm a youth from Malaysia, but very keen to be a blogger in Youthink! So, how I want to be one and can or not to be one? Thanks ;)

Hi Hafiz, Thanks for your note. We'd love to have insights from Malaysia on our blog! Please read the guidelines in the blog post above. You would submit a sample blog post on the topic: "Which development issue matters most to you and why?" More details above. Please send your submission to: [email protected] Best wishes, Saadia

Submitted by Ubaid Abbasi on
I am a student from NUML University Islamabad Pakistan. i want to share some own written articles about different issues and international relations. and yes!! Saadia a well effort i really like and want to share also with others in the country or out!! Regards Bedi Khan!!