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Submitted by Jeanette on
I couldn't agree more with you on the huge potential here in Africa at the moment, which is evident in African cities from Accra, to Nairobi and Cape Town, where young, dynamic entrepreneurs are making their mark in ICT and spinoff businesses. However, as a resident of this great continent, the message I get from the map is about the power of fiber, bandwidth and access to the Internet to transform lives and create business opportunities. The areas that glow the brightest on Facebook's map are the areas that are the best covered by fiber-optic cable. The high cost of internet services in Africa has traditionally been a huge obstacle to innovation in ICT. In South Africa, for instance, people spend hundreds of dollars a month for Internet connections that charge them by the MB for their usage. You can imagine what a damper that puts on innovation and opportunity. As the price of bandwidth drops and more consumers have robust Internet access, such as that enjoyed by most Europeans and Americans, I believe you can expect an explosion of Afropreneurship!