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Submitted by Michael Boampong on
At the age of 18 when I was about to complete high school I attended a seminar on 'Building the Capacity of Youth for the 21st Century'. At the event I realized that the 21st century presents both opportunities and challenges. I realized that most young people whom I have met and interacted with did not know the real meaning of 'Education' in its broadest and most comprehensive sense. I believe that a global education needs to be something more than just classes and lessons learned. It's about researching, discussing, and taking action on some important issues that can be dealt with using minimal resources. For some people whom I met the challenge for them was that they did not have the information to enable them to take action. As a result of this experience, having completed my secondary school education, I decided to take a year off before attending college to pursue my dream of creating a youth-led programme that would inform, educate and empower youth to change the world. When i entered University and even after completing University i have come to realized that education in Ghana is not one that stimulates young people mind to enable them to critique and question the status quo and initiate new ideas for existing situations. My understanding of education is something that reaches beyond school walls and engages the community, that challenges students to create, to criticize and to look for solutions that will tackle current global issues at the local level, with community leaders accepting young people as important partners in addressing the current global challenges. I think the World Bank must support Global Development Education in schools. Try to bring governments and other stakeholders who matter on education together to sensitize them on the need for development education and the need to promote young people participation in development issues through application of what has been learnt in the classroom.