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Submitted by Øystein H. on
I agree with you! I find it rather peculiar that this phenomenon actually is so widespread throughout school systems in countries all around the world. Even after much thought, I still can’t think of any sensible reason why children should need to memorize textbook pages word by word when there are so much more important things to focus on in school. Isn’t it more useful to be able to think critically, form your own ideas and opinions and learn how to express your creative skills? I’m of opinion that this way of educating children is much healthier both for the children as well as for the society itself. We don’t need a society were all think the same as the Establishment. I’m a boy at age 17 from Norway. In fact, when it comes to memorization in school, it hasn’t been a big part of my schooling. Of course we’ve been told to learn things by heart on several occasions, but mainly the teachers have emphasized how good you are to express yourself, whether you are able reflect on different matters, and how independent you are in order to make up your own opinions. Of course all this depends on the subject you are studying. Obviously there is more focus on reflection in social studies than in math.