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Submitted by Chocolate Thunder on
I completely agree with the fact that education shouldn't be based mostly on memorization. Also doing all of the work in the classroom all the time gets pretty boring also, especially if its worksheets that are always similar to each to each other, us students nowadays need spunk in our school life, we need variety, and considering how brains react better to different learning styles, and how some brains learn better through certain styles, i feel as if the schools should imply a program that teaches us students on all sorts of levels such as visually, auditory, and tactile, instead of just basic old memorization. The education nowadays is dull and boring, the only reason i believe people graduate nowadays, is based on there ambition to do something good with their life. What about the students who don't have a life plan yet and hate school? Chances are that they will drop out before they get a chance to graduate. I believe there is something that we can do to help these kind of students. If the World Bank is willing to contribute, I say that they should help fund a program where the school can imply more activities and programs that apply all 3 learning types (visually, auditory, and tactile). This would spice up the school system quite a bit, and more students will be willing to go to school because they will see it as fun. I hope that you consider this as an option, I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate it, and I'm positive that there will be a lot to show for it.