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Submitted by Robert on
I couldn't agree it more that education should allow us to think by ourselevs,not tell us how to do.Too many princles in texts,in schools.For example a of head long hair for boys an earings for girls are allowed here.And for teachers,waht the teachers here all think about is that send students to a college,the more famous,the better.So,students here are buried with countless homework that the rarely have time to experience or discover anything.Even though we doubt something in the texts,but just because it is in the text,you can't oppose.Ridiculously,teachers here say,'even if it was wrong,you had to obey it.' They don't take it seriously that what to do to help students grow healthily.Can you imagine that there are a certain number of kids die because of the carelessness of teachers and their parents,and many teens take their lives because of high pressure from school?I belive that schools are the places that teach people more than teach grades.