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Submitted by Gabriel on
dereki totally agree with Judah. i have often ghoutht that the sermons are devoid of any real working of the Spirit because there is no interaction. there is no question and answer. people dont truly feel that the Word applies to them in their circumstances. even when the expositor is capable and methodically and a good speaker, it rarely turns into life action.instead, what if we spent that same time sharing His Word through a discussion? more likely to impact lives? i think so. better yet, why not go one step further, why not walk along side of that person and they with you. why not speak God's Word through our actions and in truth?anyway, at least let us on to the application to the point, should blogging have comments? yes, i think that the comments are what make a blog unique in this world. it makes it less of a theological dissertation and more of a interaction between two (or more) people. there is give and take. there are actual compromises and changes of it hard sometimes? sure. we can be attacked when we put ourselves out there. Yeshua surely knows of this. He received criticism from some of those who should have supported Him. He was the fulfillment of all that they had longed for, yet instead, some criticized. yet, the reward comes when people like sha'ul or others come to follow our Rabbi. without our being open to criticism, we cannot be open to friendship or learning.sorry if i rambled. i havent blogged in quite a while and am very inadequately pouring forth months of pent up Messiah,peter