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Submitted by Anonymous Paul C. Achigasim on
i think it is a worthwhile venture for young people to use the instrumentality of the internet and social media to fight the ills of the society at large, by so doing there would be change in the manner public officials work, but this will only apply to countries or states that are willing to listen or put differently are willing to be the agents of change, this to my mind would not apply to countries or states that see such publication as derisive to the government in power, for instance in my country the government instead of implementing the change sought would rather rely on sentiments about the president being the most abused or fend off such criticism as president bashing. this is also applicable to almost all strata of public life. An instance will suffice here, in the 2013 budget of Nigeria as reported in the business day of yesterday, the cost of living in the Aso villa which stood at N1billion or thereabouts last year is included again inspite the criticism that clause received last year. like last years budget we shall also indulge in wasteful spending this year, N1.1 billion included inthe education budget would be used to celebrate anniversaries alone this year, one can only imagine the change such amount would bring to the people. we certainly need social networks and social media but to what extent are the people who govern willing to implement the resolve of the people or its citizen as captured in the internet? Nigeria Police Force needs a social media focused on its activities as it is such much into corrupt practices.