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Submitted by Teong Jing on

Greatly agreed that social media highly affects our lives, especially for youngsters of Generation Y. I myself is part of the generation Y, 19 years old and is currently pursuing tertiary education in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). In relevance with your topic, me and my fellow friends is currently organising a Generation Y Music Festival which will be held in Malaysia itself. This is a huge scale charity concert fully organised, plan, executed and self-funded by students of our society (UNMC Music Society). The main purpose of this music festival is not only to donate all our profits to people in need, it is also a platform for young people to gain experience and knowledge of how the real world really works as well as to nurture new talents among the society. The event will be held on 19 October 2013 which is exactly 2 months time from now and we hope to gain as much support as possible from everyone. Information and details of this event could be found at our facebook page: Everyone interested in making donations are welcomed with open hands. Donators could do so through our eventbrite at: I really hope that we could get your help to spread our message to the world as we are trying our best to help those in need.
For more contacts, can facebook message to:
Best Wishes and Regards. :)