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The idea is to have a platform where offer and demand can be matched.
1. we need a central and independent office to propose a secure and private self declaration form where people can state their centers of interests and capabilities. Such a detailed user profile is mandatory anyway if we want to be able to mach offer with demand. Moreover, this could improve Digital Marketing and people could obtain customized online published content as they want it.
2. we need a platform where people can declare their availability (tee time reservation) and get notified when an action/activity/job matching their skills and interests is posted.
3. we need organizations to work project-oriented in order to propose formalized 'tasks/deliverables' and publish them on the platform. Why not extend the service to private individuals to get stuff locally done: e.g. need someone to take the dog for a walk
4. we need a new financial model and commoditize these services. This way we allow people to get acknowledged for their social contribution.
I'd be glad to share more if you agree that people should get rewarded for their contributions. This way people can engage in activities that make sense for them. On the other hand, more needs could be met because individuals could ask for a service without worrying about the money. There must be a collaboration with eGovernment platforms (tax process improvement). In a good and fair model, if I help someone in a professional way (due diligence) and the activity develops a skill, I should also automatically obtain ECTS credits to get my new skills validated without having to be part of a educational network nor an university.
I'd love to further develop the idea with you guys.
Thanks to all who are helping to push the anti-dirty-capitalisme reform forward.