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Submitted by Vikas on

Malala has raised the issue of girls empowerment and education and changed the mindset of millions of people round the globe regarding the benefits of girls education.The way she is fighting for girls education is incredible .At this age where kids just start learning about the things is society ,she has been an example for all the girls on earth and for all the parents that what the girl/women power is. Every parent would like to have a kid like Malala who has determined to change the world with education. The current momentum has been created by her should be carried upon and all the governments round the globe should pledge towards the girls empowerment .It is a proud moment for her and her family and for the world that a kid who has nearly lost her life to Taliban is now standing against terrorism with a weapon called education who can't even change the civil society but the mind of terrorists.She has raised the issue of Girls education to a new level where indepth analysis is being done again and again that how girls education can also change the other problems youth employment, crime against women, gender inequality. She is just not a poster girl for education but for all other fundamental problems of the society which can only be changed with the education especially girls education.
Hats off to 16 year old kid - "Malala"
The whole world proud on Malala. This is a moment where we can change the mindset of the people/communities who are against the education and uplift those communities by guiding them to show the doors of education.Persons like Malala are born once in a century. We must, therefore, all remain very proud of her for her achievements which she has accomplished at such a tender age.