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Submitted by aril on

This is ridiculous and unproductive.

None of these suggestions will raise participation, and I suspect the author of this blog knows it.

Why I don't vote?
It's really simple: it doesn't matter. The so-called democracy is a scam, and I'm not going to legitimize that scam by participating in it.

Democracy has been outsourced and privatized. It has moved away from the voters.

In my country, Norway, for instance, we get more and more and more laws and regulations from the EU, although we're not even a member of it. And I don't even think that the EU-citizens were allowed to vote over these regulations and laws. Just as they were not allowed to vote for their president, Van Rompuy, who as the sole contender for the president-title got a 100% of the votes. That makes Tadjikistan look like a glittering beacon of democracy in comparison.
We had a referendum about joining the EU. The people said no. Still the politicians took us in through the backdoor called the 'EEC'.

Can we use democracy to get us out? No. It's an option we are not given. Any politician trying to suggest such a thing would be shot down by ridicule or other propaganda-techniques in media.

Basically, the only thing we are allowed to vote for in Norway is how long may shops stay open. And possibly, how late should bars be allowed to serve beer. And even those politicians who promise change in these areas, and then get elected, will break their promises as soon as their in office.

Give us our damn democracy back and we'll vote.

Until then: DON'T VOTE! IT'S A SCAM!