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Food Security and Climate Change Challenge Badge

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FAO Waggs Climate Change and Food Security Challenge BadgeDid you know that climate change—along with its numerous other sins— poses a threat to food security? For example, changes in rainfall patterns will affect poeple's ability to grow food and feed livestock. There are other connections between climate change and food, too. Some foods require huge amounts of energy and water in their production. Others are exported and travel long distances, leaving big carbon footprints.

On World Food Day (October 16), the Food and Agricultural Association (FAO) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts launched the Food Security and Climate Change Challenge Badge. This awesome guide (pdf) is a great way to learn all about climate change and food security issues and is also full of ideas and ways in which you can take action to reduce your footprint and your impact on the environment.

The main areas it covers are:

Our Climate: Activities that explain weather and climate
Our Food: Activities about how our food and life-style choices affect our planet
Our World: Ideas to help your group carry out projects and programmes in your local communities

And in case you're wondering about the snazzy design, it's based on the drawing of 16-year-old Chan Hiu Wing from Hong Kong.
Guides and Scouts of Lioni
The Scout group that recieved the first badges for completing the badge during the pilot testing