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Fossil of the Day presentation

WAGGGS Youth Delegate's picture

By Julie Fink, WAGGGS Youth Delegate From Denmark

The fossil of the day award is organized by the Climate Action Network (CAN). CAN regularly awards three Fossil of The Day titles to the countries that perform the worst each day at negotiations at the UN climate change conference. The slightly sarcastic yet highly prestigious awards are accepted by youth representatives from that country. The Fossil of the Day award was first presented at the climate talks in 1999 in Bonn.

Girl Guides were part of the opening ceremony of the fossil of the day presentation for 2010. We performed a song and dance number to the Jurassic Park theme. The lyrics of the song were:

Fossil of the day, Fossil of the day
Who was bad, who was worse
Fossil of the day, Fossil of the day
All the blame, all the shame
Fossil of the day!!!

The dance was organised by the UK youth climate change council! There were flags and spirit fingers—it was really fun!!  Check out the website to see who the award was given to on the first day of COP16.

This award is going to be awarded everyday so keep an eye on the website and see who get named and shamed everyday!