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Happy Young and Future Generations Day!

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By Julie Fink, WAGGGS Youth Delegate From Denmark

Today was a special day at COP 16: A day dedicated to youth and future generations. We think it is important to recognize the role of young people in the UNFCCC negotations, since we are the ones who are going to experience the consequences of climate change on a large scale.

We celebrated the day with a lot of actions and side events all over the two venues of the COP: Cancun Messe and Moon Palace.

The first action of the day took place at the point were all the official country delegates are passing in the morning, to catch a shuttle bus to Moon Palace. We were standing in two rows wearing our blue Young and Future Generations Day t-shirts with a quote on the back saying: "You have been negotiating my whole life—you cannot tell me you need more time." This was said by a 17-year-old from the Solomon Islands last year at COP 15 and I think it is a fantastic quote. Later on, we participated in two side events about the importance of education and we danced a special climate dance. A lot of young people in blue t-shirts joined us in this—actually youth from all over the world did this dance today!

Also check out the dance in Bollywood style at Sangam in India, and being done in frosty Copenhagen.

But what do you think? Should youth play a role in the climate change negotiations? Share your opinions!