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How Young People Can Make Governments More Open and Responsive

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Did you know that today is International Youth Day? It was started by the United Nations in 1999 to bring youth issues to the attention of the international community and celebrate the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society.

Now, more than ever, governments, international organizations, civil society, and others need to put an emphasis on youth inclusion in order to ensure a vibrant future for all. With over 50% of the world’s population under the age of 25, it is also extremely important that young people have access to the relevant skills, knowledge and opportunities to enable them to excel and contribute to the fight against extreme poverty and inequality.

The World Bank Group Youth Summit, which was established in 2013, serves as a platform for conversation and action to make the World Bank Group more relevant to global youth and to better involve them in the work of the Bank Group. We invite you to join us on Oct. 7, in person or virtually, to discuss how young people can play a role in making governments more open and responsive to the needs of society. The event, which is being held on the eve of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Annual Meetings, will be hosted in partnership with the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth.

The one-day event will include high-level plenary discussions and targeted workshops that aim to both strengthen the technical knowledge of young people and provide a learning space to enhance individual and organizational capacities. The Summit aims to convene young civil society and NGO leaders, students, government officials, technical experts, and practitioners. The sub-themes of the Summit will focus specifically on transparency, accountability, and collaboration, measures understood to end corruption and promote open and responsive governments.

Given that the Summit is a grassroots initiative organized by young staff of the World Bank Group, limited resources will be used to ensure that youth groups from different countries have an opportunity to participate in the event through videoconferences, social media, and other outreach initiatives that will allow for meaningful conversation around the theme of the event. For more information or to register for the Summit, please click here.


Submitted by Kenny okafor on

Awesome, good world bank definitely moving in the right direction. Invest I'm the youth. Hope African youth can be part of this.

Submitted by Jerry Ihejirika on

It is a welcome development as the voice of the youth need to be heard.

Submitted by Itumeleng Qasha on

I hope you post the report of summit,so those youth can access the information,Not only by Video but as well as PDf format because in Africa internet price are very expensive!I hope and pray that Education be on top on the list,We really need Educated leaders to assist to build infrastructure in Africa.

Submitted by Prabhat Karki on

Great initiation of World Bank...Youth of the nation are change maker..This Platform is will one day definitely forced the government to end corruption and be open and responsive..

Submitted by suraj on

I really support your ideas about young people and the way toward good governance.


There is no greater tool of empowerment than education in this world. Investing in our youth is as good as investing in the future of the world. As an active anti-corruption activist in Zimbabwe we really support and appreciate this wonderful initiative by World Bank Group in trying to elevate the world youth, creating space and opportunities for them to be equipped with knowledge, training and expertise in these critical areas. Indeed the youth are a very relevant stakeholder constituency in the fight against corruption and in our call for transparency, accountability, integrity, open governance and good governance.

Submitted by keluntang drammeh on

it is a great job worldbank, the voice of the youths must be heard and Africa is a place where more sensitisation is needed for Governments to give more supports to the youths to stay and develop the continent

Submitted by Daniel Unuigbe on

Great effort by world bank,but its not just enough to organize events like these and not monitor countries involved in most of the problem areas.
It would really be nice to really see you(world bank)monitor what most of the countries you grant funds to really do with them.

Submitted by Gitau Thabanja on

i truely support the conference and cant agree more the timeliness of this important topic on youth inclusion in good Governance mostly in Africa. will participate virtually.

Submitted by Md. Nahidul Islam on

Really it is very good idea to come front of Youth and open discuss about big issue of government and get a potential result from that. I hope they also get lot of awesome idea and suggestions from youth to development the government policy and make sustainable development.