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Intro to my Blog: The Human Impact

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Hello to all Youthink! readers,

I would like to welcome you to my blog. As I’m sure you can guess I will be writing about international development issues as they pertain to the global youth. Shocking. I know. Fortunately for me, today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, so the topics are limitless.

That said I would like to try and focus on something I am going to call the human impact. I feel as though too often we are forced to look at issues from an objective perspective which tries to measure actions by individuals, organizations and countries in quantifiable terms of success or failure. However, it can be just as important to consider the human impact of projects, policies and ideas and how they affect individuals, families and their communities.

For example, microfinance is helping millions of the world’s poor out from under the World Bank’s poverty line of $1.25 a day (pdf), but what if a family planted their own fruits and vegetables before (and ate for free) and now instead have a small business that not only brings in money but at the same time has put them in a vicious cycle of debt. Is that successful development? I’m not sure. Are they now able to put their children through school whereas that was previously not an option?

I can’t promise that I will have any answers, but I will try and question as much as possible and draw from my experiences to bring light to issues that are important or at least interesting.

I encourage you to comment on any posts that you disagree or agree with.  I would much rather use this platform to foster dialogue than preach my views. So please, challenge my ideas, question my methods let me know what youthink!

Bring it.