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It’s a radio…it’s an MP3 player…it’s a teacher…it’s Super iPod!

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Imagine having a teacher who doesn’t order you around; a teacher who doesn’t get mad if you chew gum in class or don’t know the right answer.

The innovative new Lifeplayer is that teacher—and much more, too: It’s an oversized MP3 player that can be pre-loaded to hold 64GB of educational content. It can also download audio content from the Internet or record live voice or radio programs for playback later. With a wireless solar panel and a hand-wound crank, the Lifeplayer can even be used to charge mobile phones.

Hailed as the “iPod for development,” the Lifeplayer is expected to help rural populations have access to education and information that they would otherwise not have. The company that developed it, Lifeline Energy describes its benefits in a press release:  

“The Lifeplayer represents the first time that the extremely poor have the opportunity to access real-time information on demand anytime, anywhere—in even the most remote locations—without concern for electricity or batteries. The device serves as an ideal medium for instructing groups in English, math, science, financial literacy, business training and other subjects where there is a shortage of skilled teachers. It also will be used to teach government and private sector workers, as adult education is almost non-existent in developing countries.”

Learn more about it and tell us what you think. Could something like that be useful for rural communities in your country?