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Stick Your Neck Out - The Stick Figures Dare You To!

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Where does energy come from? Why are some people still skeptical about climate change? Why does our energy system absolutely have to change, and how will a price on carbon be the solution? 

If you'd like a simple, humorous and to-the-point explanation to the above questions and others related to energy consumption and climate change, then be sure and watch this animation by Andy Lubershane, a Masters student at the University of Michigan.

The video will probably leave you feeling all revved up about making a change, especially because at the end, the awesome stick figures that appear throughout in various roles (scientists, engineers, etc.), dare you to make a difference!

Check out Andy Lubershane's other climate-related cartoons too.


Submitted by Furqan Asif Buzdar on
Climate Change; Issues of Bio-diversity, Greenhouse gases; Agricultural distortions and much more regarding this whilst explaining in communities of developing countries - people who are initiating these discussions are considered not more than a snob. Why? and why they are not getting it so serious? even at governmental level, there could not be found even a single impressive move - intimating the level of ignorance. climate change is a big subject needs huge attention and gigantic campaigns specifically when we claim to provide 'climate justice', yes i denote it here the term climate justice as it best fit over the situation. As People got up, they will got up with new ways to get out of the situations. Besides awareness, a regulatory framework like cross-debarment accord is needed for extending development grants - mainly to abridge the gap between development and environmental sustainability.