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Stop talking, start planting, says 10-year-old

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“We children want to talk about forests, monkeys and mosquitoes,” began Felix Finkbeiner, a 10-year-old who moved the adults attending a recent UN event that formally launched the International Year of the Forests.

In what a World Bank forests advisor attending the event  called one of the more inspiring moments of the forum, Felix presented the children’s ambitious agenda. “Together, we can plant a trillion trees,” said Felix, adding that it was only 150 trees per person, a very manageable number.

Felix also puts forward a very convincing reason why you should not listen to the climate skeptics. Watch his full speech to the United Nations here. (Felix's speech starts at 1:26)

Are you on board with the children’s agenda for forests? What are you going to do to help make this happen? Share your thoughts. Let Felix know that he has your support.

Oh, and as Felix put it: “Stop talking, start planting.”


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You are saving your generation and those yet to be born.We are carring this up from here chab.Lets make it happen!!!