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At the UN Youth Assembly

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The UN Youth Assembly 2009 started today, and I've been really impressed by the levels of excitement and enthusiasm among the participants. In just one afternoon, I met with people from Indonesia, China, the USA, Pakistan, Spain and Nigeria, and everyone I spoke with had a really clear vision about what they were hoping to learn or achieve from the event and why they had come.

It's something I've been thinking about lately: I think it's fantastic to have events like this, where youth from all around the world can get together and share ideas. And there seems to be an increasing number of such youth events. There was the World Water Youth Forum, which Joao kept us updated on. Last year, the World Bank's Annual Meetings included a youth session. There was the Alliance of Civilizations youth forum. The Junior 8 Summit took place some weeks ago in Italy. The Copenhagen climate conference in December will also include youth sessions. So, what I've been wondering is, what do the actualy participants of such events think about their experience, and do they feel the event can play a strong role in creating change?

I asked a few of the participants at the UN Youth Assembly for their thoughts on this, and what their hopes are for the event.

What do you think? Have you attended any similar youth events? What were your thoughts/experiences? Do you think such events can be effective in creating a change?

What do you think? Have you attended any similar youth events? What were your thoughts/experiences? Do you think such events can be effective in creating a change?


Submitted by UZMA ARSHAD on
UN YOUTH ASSEMBLY is perfectly covered the vide range of issue, this is really a great plateform whereby numerous issues coulod be addressed as it has a vast exposure, in this way it would be greatly effective. Addressing issues, involving youths in digging out the issues provide us the real picture / nature worldwide. The Health & Education are the biggest issues currently as the inflation rate worldwide minimize the opportunities to get studies & bear health related matter specially a child.

Submitted by Faith on
What would a survey of youth in your country reveal? What are the issues that you and your peers worry about most, and what are you optimistic/hopeful about? Kenya My peers and I worry about income, every possible way to accumulate money and use it to get out of the rat race and the cycle of poverty which has been the case for generations. The youth are the majority of our population therefore all issues of poor governance, unemployment and low economic perfomance affect them greately and as such affect the whole country. My peers are optimistic of standing out in the world someday in the near future. Far related as it might be, President Barrack Obama's win motivated the youth in our country and taught them how to dream of greater and seemingly impossible things;move the country from 3rd to 1st world :-), head world organisations and make the world a better place!

Submitted by SJ on
I am 17 and in my final year of school. I realised the extent of worry caused by exams when a 13 year old girl commited sucide in my school after her maths exam. The youth today are stressed about thier future, education. I am optimistic that parents and teachers would be more understanding and not pressurise the children so much. SJ INDIA

Submitted by Maria on
I think that in Colombia a survey like that would reveal that young people are more optimistic now than before and are more concerned with what they can do to make our country a better place to live. This doesn't mean that every Colombian youth is socially conscious though... there's still a lot to do to awaken our youth. But at least I think now it's better than what it used to be 10 years ago.