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What is the 'main gateway for development?'

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Many answers may pop-up in your mind, but the one I am looking for means: a state of mind or a belief in a positive outcome. Any guesses?

According to Ismael Hamraoui, the Moroccan Youth Forum President, hope “is the main gateway for development.” For the first time in Morocco, the Forum launched the Ambassadors of Hope Programme, an ambitious initiative aiming to give youth work a more dynamic touch and a push for greater understanding and involvement of youths.

The program will select and train 30 young men and women—aged 15 to 35—to travel to Morocco and prepare a report on problems facing the nation's youth. The role of the Ambassadors of Hope consists of supporting and training active young people so that they can become real actors in solving their own problems and actively participate in local development. These Ambassadors would be able to closely get in touch with young people throughout the Kingdom to accurately analyze the issues facing them and to be able to provide an exact diagnosis that will serve as a basis for creating a “blueprint” to address their main problems.

As the world is celebrating the International Year of Youth, I think that the Ambassadors of Hope Program came at the right time for the Moroccan youth who face many problems in different sectors such as education, reproductive health, and access to public utilities.

Indeed, creating such an initiative dedicated to youth development gives real hope for young people, and opportunity to think positively about their own future and the future of their country. 

As youth are believed to be an important asset in Morocco and a “gateway for its development,” it is more than necessary to provide them with concrete means to emerge from the vicious circle where they live and, above all, to give them “good” reasons to continue to hope for an end to their problems.

We all hope that the Ambassadors of Hope Program will give fruitful results in terms of youth and local development, and eventually will serve as a model for others, especially that this initiative will be exported, first at the Arab level, and then at the international level.

What do you think about this program? Do you think it can be applicable in your country or perhaps in other countries across the world?

Photo: Scott Wallace / World Bank