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Why Work?

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The next time you hear your parents or elder siblings groaning about having to go to work, you can lecture them about how lucky they are (while preferably standing at a safe distance). Here’s some fodder for your sermon:

According to the International Labor Organization, if people do not find decent work when they are young, this often harms their future employment prospects and can trap youth in a vicious cycle of poverty and social exclusion.  Decent and productive work helps young people to lift themselves
out of poverty, allows young parents to save for their children’s futures, and provides a sense of purpose and pride to a person’s life, reducing the potential for socially and personally destructive behaviors.
Reparing a fishing net 

What's Your Dream Business?

With around 76 million unemployed youth in the world, many enterprising young people are taking the situation into their own hands by starting their own businesses.

On that note, we’re asking you, this month, to dream up your own business ideas and share them here on Youthink! We want you to complete the sentence: “If I were to start a business, it would be about…”

Send your brainwaves to:

Global Youth Conference 2009

Speaking of entrepreneurship, this year the World Bank’s Global Youth Conference focused on the theme of youth leadership in a time of crises in the areas of Education, Employment and Civic Engagement. Get a closer look in this video:

Conference organizers also invited young people around the world to answer the following questions for an essay competition:

What are the constraints to youth entrepreneurship in your country? Has the global crisis changed the dynamics? How can governments help young entrepreneurs to create and further develop their social and productive ventures?

Curious about the winning ideas? Be sure and check them out.

And lastly, here are some projects and organizations that work with young people in the area of entrepreneurship and employment:

Making Cents International
International Youth Foundation
ILO-Youth Employment Network
World Bank Global Fund for Youth Investment