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World Environment Day 2009

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Today is World Environment Day! The UN established the day in 1972, as a way to give a human face to environmental issues, empower people to play a part in sustainable development, and promote understanding and awareness of the issues. 

The theme for WED 2009 is "Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change."

Visit the site for Daily do something Tips, to Twitter for Trees and to find ways to get involved.

And, of course, share with us your ideas and actions for helping to combat climate change. What steps will you take in your daily life? What's your advice to others? What's your plan for turning the not-so-green into more green-minded citizens? We're waiting to hear from you!


Submitted by shweta sharma on
this article is about how the environment influence people lives and how societies are developing and for these reasons people, progress, economic development are interlinked and environment comprises of various challenges like air pollution, waterborne diseases, toxic chemicals and natural disasters etc and because of all this people are suffering and data is also mentioned in this article how many people are suffering and already suffered and for this we should take initiative for its awareness this article also shows there is lack of awareness among people and we should well take care of it.

Submitted by Ja Coa Coa on
Yes shweta, that would be correct.

Submitted by coco barvez on
I agree, I think that is a great summary

Submitted by micah murunga on
nice summary its my belief that the world should act now.mistake that are created today certainly will haunt us in the future.we need to wake up and say no to environmental degradation.say no to human ignorance and start to act in this year of forestry.